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WaveRider for Windows Download Page

The current version is 2.1, released 9/12/2006

The WaveRider for Windows Program is made up of just one file.  All you have to do is download it to your hard drive, and run it!

If you have an older version of the program, follow the instructions below and save the new program in the same place (on top of) the old one.

Step by Step Instructions:

   1.Click on the link below
   2.Depending on what browser and what version of windows you have, a window will pop up asking you where you want to save this file.  You can save it in any folder you like, but
     typically, you will want to save it in:
           c:\Program Files\svt\WaveRiderW
   3.You will need to create this folder first, using the pop-up window's new folder feature.
   4.Once the file is downloaded and saved, you can run it by selecting it, either through "My Computer", or Windows Explorer.
   5.If you wish, you can create a shortcut by right clicking on the program (in Windows Explorer or through "My Computer"), and selecting "Create Shortcut".  Once the shortcut is
     made, drag the shortcut to the Windows Desktop.

The WaveRider for Windows is purchased for each WaveRider box.   The software itself can be loaded on as many computers as you like, and is not keyed to a specific WaveRider Box.

To purchase, please contact Stray Voltage Testing.    When you do purchase the program, you will be given a key.   To use it, download and run the WaveRider for Windows software, connect the WaveRider Box to your PC, then click on the Purchase/Register button.   You can enter the key, and it will be sent to the WaveRider Box.   This only has to be done once, then it will work with the software running on any PC.

Please check this page often, as updates will be posted here from time to time.  Bug fixes and minor feature enhancements will be available at no additional charge to registered users.
(Stray Voltage Testing reserves the right to limit free upgrades).

For questions and to purchase, please email:

Click here to download the WaveRider for Windows Software (Version 2.1). 960k

Click here to download the self extracting zip version (532k)

Version History

Version 2.1
9/12/2006: Fixed a problem where the 12th character of the description was repeated.

Version 2.0
6/4/2005: There is now a button to switch to the WaveReader while continuing collection.

Version 1.1
1212/26/2004: Fixes a problem where sometimes bad data would be put into the data files.

Version 1.0
6/27/2004: Same as 0.998 except that log file size is limited, and amount of information in it is adjustable.

Version 0.998
5/23/2004: This is a test version which produces a large logfile to assist in field troubleshooting.  Several improvements, which will be incorporated in the next non-test version:.
- Now recovers from either the cable being disconnected, or the box being turned off or otherwise reset.
- A problem which resulted in many communication retries between the box and PC has been fixed.
- Misc communication improvements.
- This might fixed the problem of not being able to set the clock.

Version 0.994
Default ini file would not write correctly if the program was in the root directory.  Fixed in this verison.

Version 0.993
Still working on clock related problems.

Version 0.992
Found uninitialized variable in startup.

Version 0.991
Added more error checking on startup clock routines.

Version 0.99
Fixed a problem with reading the clock in December.

Version 0.97
Fixed issues with minimizing the window.

Version 0.96
Fixes many issues.
Events are now supported.

Version 0.91
First released version.