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WaveReader for Windows
Version 3 Now Available!

The current version is 3.10,     Posted 4/7/2008
Click here for information on Version 2

What's New in version 3:
The major change for this version is a completely new graphics package.
What does this mean for you?

  1. Large files load and display much faster.
  2. Grids and the display of time are improved when zoomed in tight.
  3. Channel information, including the minimum, maximum, and RMS are now displayed in a table at the bottom. The stats are for the data currently being displayed on the graph, not necessarily the whole file.
  4. Channels B, G, and H, the higher voltage channels, are now displayed in reference to a right side Y axis, for improved readability.
  5. Additional axes may be added, with any scale factor. There is also an animal resistance calculator to assist in setting animal current scales.
  6. Many other changes and improvements.
  7. New toolbar with printing, zooming, and display options.
  8. The graph display is very flexible. Right click over the graph to open the editor.
  9. Version 3 is not a free upgrade from version 2. Please contact us to purchase a new license file.

The WaveReader for Windows Program is made up of just one file.  All you have to do is download it to your hard drive, and run it!  You can try the program out in demo mode before purchasing.

Note for Owners of Version 2:
WaveReader Version 3 requires the purchase of an upgraded license file. Please contact us to purchase. If you install the new program in a different folder, you can run both.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Click on the link below
  2. Depending on what browser and what version of windows you have, a window will pop up asking you where you want to save this file.  You can save it in any folder you like, but typically, you will want to save it in:
    1.  c:\Program Files\WaveReader3
  3. You will need to create this folder first, using the pop-up window's new folder feature.
  4. Once the file is downloaded and saved, you can run it by selecting it, either through "My Computer", or Windows Explorer.
  5. If you wish, you can create a shortcut by right clicking on the program (in Windows Explorer or through "My Computer"), and selecting "Create Shortcut".  Once the shortcut is made, drag the shortcut to the Windows Desktop.
This program will run in Demo mode until you purchase it.  Demo mode is fully functional, but includes a "Demo" watermark across all graphs, both on the screen and on printouts.  The footer on the printout is a purchase message, rather than what the user entered.

To purchase, please contact Stray Voltage Testing.    When you do purchase the program, you will be sent a license file.  Save that in the same folder as you save the Wavereader program, as instructed above.   You do not have to re-download the program.

Please check this page often, as updates will be posted here from time to time.  Bug fixes and minor feature enhancements will be available at no additional charge to registered users.  (Stray Voltage Testing reserves the right to limit free upgrades).

For questions and to purchase, please email:  svtest@adelphia.net

Click Here to download the WaveReader for Windows Software (Version 3.10)